The "Strada del Sole" in the Pusteria Valley

Experience the beauty of nature, while enjoying the mild climate and the good weather. Around Terento you'll find numerous worthwhile walks to various destinations like the earth pyramids, the biotope "Pichner Moos" and the "Sentiero dei Mulini", as well as rewarding mountain tours around the Tiefrastenhütte (2.312 m). Especially interesting for children are the legendary trails in Terento. A hike to our Huber Alm is one of the most worthwhile destinations.

Terento – the "Sun Village"

On the high plateau of the Pusteria valley, at 1.210 m above sea level lies Terento. The village gets the most hours of sun – 8 in winter and 12 in summer – due to its convenient location. It's a popular saying that in Terento the sun never goes down. Our new "Sun-Village-Award" proves it. The number 2285 results from the average value of the annual hours of sun for the last 5 years! This idyllic holiday destination is very popular and will leave you spellbound.